Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bellabox January 2016

For those of you not familiar with Bellabox, it is one of the many beauty subscription box services. I have been receiving bellabox for probably over two years now. I am sure as with all subscription boxes some can be really good and some make me question if it is worth the money. If you are interested in seeing what I got in January's box then just keep reading.

1.  Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream - This product claims to give intensive and long lasting hydration. It is clinically proven to protect and repair the skin's moisture barrier. I have not yet tried this all over my body but when rubbing a small amount onto my hand it was very moisturising and did not have much of at scent at all.

2. Cetaphil Facial Sunscreen SPF30 - Lately I have been trying to get into applying some sort of sunscreen to my face very morning so I was very excited to see this in this months box. I used it for the first time today and it has a very light and almost runny conistancy. It did the job though and did not make me oily throughout the day which is always a plus.

3. Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color 'Cherry Red' - This is one of those really cool lip products that are all the rage at the moment. You apply it to your lips and once it dries you can actually peel the product off and it leaves a stain on your lips. I have only tried a swatch on my hand and it stayed there for an extremely long time!

4. Dalan D'Olive Olive Oil Soap - I love to receive products like this because they always come in handy. To be honest the scent does not appeal to me but its not so bad that I won't use it.

5. Aroma Magic White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash - I have high hopes for this face wash due to the fact that it smells amazing! This is the first time I have heard of this brand and the product has micro beads for a slight exfoliation as well.

Talk to you guys in my next post
Danielle xxx

Monday, February 1, 2016

Getting back into things!

So first of all lets not ignore the fact that I have just completely neglected my blog for well over a year now. When things don't kick off as well as planned you definitely loose all motivation you had to begin with, well at least I did. Since then I have learnt a lot but one of those things were that nothing ever comes easy! I still have a huge passion for makeup and lately I have just been itching to share my passion with the world. So with that said lets give this whole 'blogging' thing another shot!

Since we have recently entered 2016 (still mind blowing to me) I figured this post would be good to share a few products that really stood out to me last year. I don't want this to be a big ramble and show you a million products that I only used a few times though. I just want to show you my staple items that I continue to repurchase and will continue to do so.

Mac Prolong wear concealer 'NW15':
I feel as though I don't need to say a lot about this product as there is so much hype around it. You either love it or hate and I absolutely LOVE it!!! The coverage is amazing, a little goes a long way and it does not crease under my eyes.

Covergirl 3in1 Foundation:
I have purchased countless bottles of this foundation and I make sure I always have two different shades. I use shade 820 for when I have a tan and shade 810 for those (sad sad) days that I do not have a tan. The coverage is flawless, the staying power is amazing and it is over all an effortless foundation.

Maybelline Falsies mascara:
Again, I have purchased this mascara countless time but that is the point of this post right?. To me this mascara compares to the ever so famous 'Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara'. The only difference is that it is literally half the price!!

Too Faced melted lipstick 'Melted Peony':
I purchased this about half way through 2015 and although this is not a repurchase I definitely plan on making it one. If you have not yet tried any of the melted liquid lipsticks, then this is the perfect first shade to try out. This is my everyday lip product as it last on the lips and is a nice pink colour.

Too Faced Sweethearts blush 'Candy Glow':
Just like the liquid lipstick this is not a repurchase....yet. Although I have used this product almost everyday for nearly a year and have not even hit pan. This is a beautiful everyday shade which slight shimmer to give the perfect fresh flushed look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I am looking forward to interacting with you all.

Danielle xx

Monday, August 4, 2014

Pamper night routine

One thing i love to do to relax is treat myself to a pamper night. We all love taking time out to ourselves every now and then so this is what i choose to do.

1. First ill start running a warm bath with whatever Lush Cosmetics product i choose at the time. My all time favourite is the 'Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar'. I will also light a candle and usually put on the 'relax' playlist on the Pandora app.

2. Whilst the bath is running ill use this time to remove my make up using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water. Then ill apply a face mask which has lately been the Formula 10.0.6 Get your Glow on.

3. When in the bath i will first wash my hair with the Redken All Soft shampoo and apply the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair mask and comb through before rinsing it out. Just before getting out ill apply the Frank Coffee body scrub and let that sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off my body and getting out.

4. Once i get out ill wrap my hair into a towel and slip into my robe. Ill then light a few candles and begin to paint my toes with whatever colour I'm feeling like at the time (I get my nails done at a salon). When my polish is drying ill then comb out my hair and apply the Argania hair oil to the ends.

5. Just before getting into bed i like to do a full body moisturise. I will mix two drops of my Sukin Rose Hip oil into my Simple Rich moisturising lotion and gently pat this onto my face. The body moisturiser i am loving at the moment is the St Ives Coconut Milk and Wild Orchid body lotion.

Please let me know of some products you like to use when winding down for a pamper night as i am always look for new products to try.

Daniele xx

Monday, July 28, 2014

The IT Kit for the IT girl.

I have recently picked up one of the the NYX 'It List' lip kits and I think it is perfect for anyone starting out with makeup or even for a lip addict like me! I picked up the one with the pink glosses but you can also get one with all nude products. 


Makeup here in Australia is more expensive so I paid $30 for this kit from Target. Given each of the products are around $10 to buy individually, it was still a good deal. My personal favourite is the butter gloss and matte lip cream. The only downside I can find is the lip plumber. I was expecting that tingling feeling other lip plumbers give. It was more of a clear gloss to me (there was no point in me even swatching it) but for the price of the kit, I can't really complain. The consistency and smell of each of the products have really surprised me. Each product stays on for a reasonable amount of time and all smell of lollies! 

Top left: butter gloss-Éclair, top right: mega shine lip gloss-Beige
Bottom left: soft matte lip cream-Istanbul, bottom right: xtreme shine lip cream-Nude Peach Fuzz

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Acrylics 101

There are a lot of different views out there on acrylic nails but I am all for it! I have had acrylics for about two years now and although there are a few cons, I can't see myself without them.

When deciding to get acrylic nails you really need to think about the time and money. Depending on the salon, your first application can take up to an hour. To maintain them you should then get a refill every 2-3 weeks which can take around 30-45 minutes. Again depending on the salon your first set can set you back up to $65 and each refill up to $40 (including polish). 

You also want to find a salon you are happy and comfortable and stick to that one salon. You want to make sure everything is cleaned, sterilised and they care about what YOU want. A good nail technician will ask how long you want them and what shape you like. I personally prefer mine kind of long and I like the squared off look.

Having false nails can give your hands a more feminine look, good for those who have man hands like me! I love the idea of being able to be creative with them and getting all different colours and patterns.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog. I am here to share with you my passion for all things beauty and lifestyle related. To kick off my blog I thought the best way was to show you all my top 5 products I will always repurchase to give you an idea of what I like.


                                        1. Neutrogena Facial Moisturiser SPF15 - $13.99
So this one is a bit of a boring one but I really have purchased this countless times. This face moisturiser does not leave your skin oily and has an added bonus of SPF. Neutrogena is my favourite skin are line and I will continue to repurchase this product. 


                                        2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - $11.99
This cleansing water is very comparable to the Bioderma cleansing water but without the expensive price tag. This is perfect for removing makeup with a cotton pad at the end of the day. It claims to remove your makeup and cleanse but I still like to follow up with a facial cleanser.


                                        3. Urban Decay Naked Palettes 1 & 3 - $80
These eyeshadow palettes would come as no surprise as I think just about everyone who has tried them would agree they are amazing. The pigmentation is on point and the shadows are very long lasting. I currently own 1 & 3 but have no interest in purchasing the second one as I believe it is very similar to the first. The palettes are very pricey (especially here in Australia!) but they are definitely worth it.


                                        4. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark - $19.99 
This self tanner is amazing! I have tried various self tanners over the years and nothing compares to Bondi Sands. I have tried the very famous St Tropez and I think this one has a much nicer colour and the sent is a lot more appealing. It is strange for a self tanner to have a nice scent but this smells of coconut and I have no problem applying this in the morning and wearing throughout the day. Unfortunately I think this product may only be available in Australia but if you can get your hands on it I would suggest giving it a try. 


                                        5. Australis Fresh and Flawless powder - $11.50 
This face powder has been one of my holy grail products for many years now. The only downside to this is it only comes in three shades but the lightest is fine for my skin tone. Some days I will set my foundation with this and it will not show up cakey at all. Other days I will just put on a bit of concealer and this powder and I'll be good to go.


Thank you for reading and don't forget to comment if you have any questions about any of the products I have mentioned. 

Danielle xx